Market Analysis

Downtown Oakville Cultural Hub

Urban Strategies Inc.


Town of Oakville - Urban Strategies Inc.


Oakville, Ontario

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Land Use Planning
Market Feasibility Analysis
Financial Pro Forma Analysis
Development Options Modeling
Procurement Strategy Assessment

Project Description

The Town of Oakville is considering the redevelopment of its ageing cultural facilities at the corner of Navy Street in downtown Oakville. NBLC was retained to evaluate the Town’s land portfolio to establish built form capacities and land value estimates for a redevelopment of these facilities and other potential revenue-generating opportunities. NBLC’s role was to ass the marketability and financial impact of  potential revenue sources which might contribute to the development of a cultural hub through a mix of potential public and private redevelopment initiatives. NBLC  identified key issues relating to the range of planning, land use, facilities investment, location and facilities investment, location and financing strategies which must be addressed to realize the cultural hub. NBLC also assessed the financial implications of various potential procurement options, from straightforward public tendering and land sale options, to more complex public-private-partnership (P3) structures, in terms of their feasibility, complexity and investment interest.

Market Analysis Case Studies