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Collingwood Harbour Charette


FRAM/Slokker Canada


Collingwood, Ontario

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Project Description

Barry Lyon led a charette in Collingwood, Ontario to determine the future of the town’s waterfront, subsequent to the demise of Canada Steamship Lines’ shipyards. The three-day public workshop was conducted regarding the re-development of the Canada Steamship Lines terminal in downtown Collingwood. The charette was attended by local stakeholders, municipal staff, politicians, environmentalists and the public at large. The end result (depicted above) was a 550-unit mixed-use infill concept, extending the Town’s downtown streets to the water’s edge, and allowing full public access to the previously private waterfront. NBLC was selected to lead the process based on the success of their work with Fram/Slokker’s “Port Credit Village” development on the East Bank of the Credit River in Port Credit, Mississauga.

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