N. Barry Lyon Consultants is a firm specializing in housing, community renewal, development feasibility and real estate strategy.

What We Do

Urban Planning


NBLC provides a full range
of Urban Planning services.
Our planning work benefits
heavily from the market and
financial expertise contained
within our firm which adds
significant value and strength
to our client’s needs.

Market Research


NBLC provides residential,
commercial and industrial
market research to
private and public sector
clients. Our studies are
used for development
feasibility assessments,
market positioning and
policy purposes.


Today and Tomorrow

NBLC has been tracking Canadian markets for over 40 years,  observing the trends that have shaped our communities. We leverage this experience to develop and test policy options that will encourage and guide urban development. We are especially seasoned in the housing sector and have extensive experience in community and affordable housing policy, intensification strategies and growth forecasting.

Real Estate Advisory

Dollars and Sense

NBLC provides advisory services that assist our clients in maximizing the value of property holdings. This includes market and economic feasibility studies,  proposal call management and large scale portfolio reviews. NBLC has helped guide the successful disposition of over $1.0B in real estate assets across the GTA.

Our team also specializes in TOD, leveraging our unique understanding of real estate economics to guide transit infrastructure investments.

Who We Are

Our Mission

is to uphold professionalism
and excellence in our services;
to work efficiently to bring
about practical solutions which
are grounded in reality and
guided by long term vision;
to use team effort to maximize
innovation and creativity, to
know our business inside-out,
and to always provide timely,
candid advice.


The NBLC team comes from a range of backgrounds and experiences but share a common passion in understanding the economic. cultural and physical dynamics that shape the future of cities and towns in Canada.

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Our NBLC Insight articles feature interesting and educational commentary on the development industry, market trends and news at NBLC.

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