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Alexandra Park Community, Toronto Community Housing Corporation


Toronto, Ontario

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Project Description

NBLC was retained by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation as part of the Alexandra Park Revitalization Consulting Team to provide market and feasibility advice to the proposed community redevelopment. Alexandra Park spans over 18 acres of land in Downtown West Toronto. In total, Alex Park now comprises 539 apartment units within a mix of mid-rise and high-rise built forms and 267 townhouse units.

As a consultant to the Alexandra Park Revitalization Consulting Team, NBLC’s role was to act as the economic conscience, developing a sound business plan to guide the potential revitalization of the Alexandra Park neighbourhood. NBLC’s residential market analysis and financial feasibility modeling will help to shape the final outcome of neighbourhood’s revitalization.

As part of the process, NBLC participated in the Community Meetings for the project, including giving presentations relating to economic issues, housing options and homeownership. NBLC also participated in the design charette and workshop with the community.

NBLC is also involved in a project to locate a major Toronto university on nearby lands. NBLC’s role is to assess the financial feasibility of the redevelopment and perform analysis of several development options for the site and adjacent lands.

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