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Project Description

NBLC was retained by the University of Saskatchewan in 2018 to evaluate existing and future demand for on-campus student housing. The purpose of NBLC’s work was to explore the demand for new student housing within the University’s College Quarter Master Plan lands to the south of the existing campus. NBLC had previously completed work related to the Master Plan, along with Brook McIlroy Inc., in 2008.

NBLC developed a two-part consultation plan to solicit student opinions on the housing available to them both on and off-campus, and to determine what they expect and need from their housing. Relying on focus groups and an online survey, over 600 students provided input, touching on topics such as housing conditions, experiences, preferences, and overall decision-making criteria, including affordability. This consultation plan was part of a larger study process whereby our team undertook primary research to assess the local rental market and assess future demand / student housing needs as it relates to housing supply and student enrollment projections. The result of this work included housing recommendations related to prioritization of facility improvements or replacements, appropriate market segments to prioritize and corresponding design considerations, and next steps, including an implementation strategy.

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