Real Estate Advisory

NBLC brings all of its expertise to assist both public and private sector agencies effectively manage their real estate assets. Leveraging our skills in urban planning, market research, and financial analysis allows our clients to look ahead to identify actions to maximize the value of property holdings.

Value Planning services seek efficiencies between the disciplines of urban planning, construction, design and market analysis to find solutions that offer greater benefits with fewer resources. Through Value Planning, NBLC has helped refine large scale master plan developments to avoid unnecessary market risks and development costs while achieving superior financial returns. Value Planning has also been used to examine the impacts of public policy alternatives to affordable housing strategies as well as help guide major infrastructure decision such as transit development. Value planning is integral to all of NBLC’s services.


  • Portfolio Review and Asset Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Pro Forma Analysis
  • Proposal Call Development and Process Management
  • Land Acquisition Strategies/Analysis
  • Joint Venture Analysis
  • Transit Impact and Value Capture
  • Planning Act Application Management
  • Project Management

Case Studies