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Project Description

Formed in 2009, Build Toronto has a mandate to leverage the City’s portfolio of land to the benefit of Toronto taxpayers. This means identifying the best use of these lands and the pathways, for each property, to achieving the highest possible value. NBLC has been retained to help Build Toronto examine the portfolio of numerous properties throughout the City of Toronto to determine the most marketable sites, developed the steps required to improve the marketability and value of the properties and established a priority disposition strategy which provided a ranking of sites for disposition, and potential values.

NBLC has also managed several a bidding processes for Build Toronto to receive offers for purchase from developers. Additional services on these assignments have included providing market and planning assessments, providing a highest and best use land valuation, developing a submissions requirement and setting up an electronic data room/dashboard that included property description, environmental and market studies and legal requirements and circulating information on NBLC’s developer/builder list. Numerous successful and high valued land transactions have resulted.

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