Market Analysis

Don Mills Center Redevelopment


The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited


Former City of North York, Toronto

NBLC Services

Residential Market Analysis
Master Plan Options Study
Conceptual Master Planning
Developer Partner RFP and Selection Process

Project Description

NBLC was retained by Cadillac Fairview to undertake an initial planning, market and financial analysis of the re-positioning of Don Mills Shopping Centre as a lifestyle complex that integrates open air retail with parks, restaurants and high density residential. The preliminary work prepared by NBLC assisted Cadillac Fairview in its decision-making process to move forward with the project. The analysis also provided important guide posts for more detailed work that followed.

NBLC was then further retained to develop a request for proposal process for Cadillac Fairview with the objective of selecting a residential developer partner in the process.

Market Analysis Case Studies