Mainstay Housing Real Estate Portfolio Review and Analysis



Mainstay Housing


Toronto, On

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Planning Development Potential Analysis
Market Scan
Conceptual Massing
Portfolio Rationalization

Project Description

Mainstay Housing retained NBLC to provide strategic direction with respect to its 41 properties in Toronto and management of real estate decision making.

Mainstay Housing developed an optimal building standard and was considering the utility of its property portfolio for existing and future residents. NBLC was retained to evaluate the property portfolio from a real estate perspective, to consider these properties from redevelopment potential and marketability perspective, providing a valuation for each property based on those characteristics.  Factors considered include market readiness (for high density residential units), lot size/shape, planning context, and proximity to higher order transit. Moreover, Mainstay’s housing stock was developed under various federal and/or provincial housing programs over 30 years ago and are subject to operating agreement and mortgage restrictions. NBLC’s overall real estate rationalization strategy took those restrictions into consideration.

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