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Port Stanley Feasibility Study and Business Plan


Municipality of Central Elgin


Port Stanley, Ontario

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Project Description

NBLC has been retained on several occasions since 2001 as a consultant to the Municipality of Central Elgin as it works to facilitate the evolution of its waterfront. Most recently, NBLC was retained by the Municipality of Central Elgin to assist in negotiating with the Federal Government over the disposition and transfer of its land and water lot assets at Port Stanley from federal to municipal ownership. N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited, along with du Toit Allsopp Hillier and Riggs Engineering, assessed the most appropriate future use of Port Stanley Harbour, considering the future of commercial harbor, market demand for recreational boating and other economic forces, as well environmental, real estate market and community planning influences. These factors were then shaped into a business plan that met the objectives of Central Elgin.

This study was supported by the input of the community, structured around a focus group workshop and an open house and public meeting. These meetings allowed the community formal opportunities to engage and provide input and comment into the process of assessing the feasibility of different ideas and the structure of the business plan.

As a result of the study, Transport Canada transferred ownership and operation of Port Stanley Harbour to the Municipality of Central Elgin in September 2010. The transfer included a $13.6 million contribution from the Federal Government to support the harbour’s ongoing operation requirements, including dredging and reconstruction of a pier. In addition, Transport Canada agreed to remediate contaminated former industrial lands on the east side of the harbour so as to support the construction of a new municipal park.

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