Urban Planning

Potential for Rental Housing Replacement along the Avenues


City of Toronto: Official Plan Review


Toronto, Ontario

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Land Use Planning Assessment
Mid-Rise Guideline Conformity Review
Intensification & Development Strategy Analysis
Market Analysis (Rental/Condominium) & Financial Pro Forma Analysis
Land Valuation
Real Estate Advisory Services
Official Plan Policy Recommendations

Project Description

NBLC was retained by the City of Toronto to examine relatively inactive and underdeveloped low-rise apartment sites and segments of the “Avenues” to study the role that the Official Plan’s rental housing replacement polices may have played in redevelopment decision making. The study also examined if any adjustments to current policies would improve development feasibility and extend the benefits of Avenues-style development to other areas of the City.

For this work, NBLC undertook a planning review, market and financial analysis, and built form analysis to test various rental replacement standards in weak, base and strong market conditions through multiple pro forma analyses. The analysis also examined the impact of rental replacement on the viability of redevelopment.

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